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Student Council Association (SCA)

The SCA is made up of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who work to make Walton and our community a better place. A representative from each class is chosen by the classroom members and teacher. The students meet as needed to plan activities and help with events. There are many different activities throughout the year that the SCA participates in including community food drives, school spirit days, teacher appreciation activities and more.

Smencils are sold throughout the year to help support SCA Activities! They are sold every Friday morning for $1.00 outside of the cafeteria.


Eagle Choir

The Eagle choir consists of fourth and fifth grade students. They will perform a Winter program and also again in Spring at the Fine Arts festival. 


Drama club

Drama Club

4th and 5th Grade students have the opportunity to participate in Drama club throughout the school year. Each group meets weekly from 8:30-9:10. Drama club participates in the winter program, Spring Fling, and a spring performance. 


Bucket Drumming
4th and 5th grade students may audition to join our new bucket drumming club (due to limited supplies). Students who are chosen to participate will meet weekly to practice and learn some new skills! 
Bucket Drum